Thursday, 04 February, 2016 10:53

What’s New at Jackfish Dundee’s


2016 is going to be so exciting!  Can you feel it?

The energy around Charlie Lake has been amazing!  I don’t know about you but my head keeps going to the patio thinking about gardens, sunglasses, tiki torches, summer evenings, wine…Maybe it’s the tropical temperatures & the rodents all forecasting early spring or has the Oil & Gas sector heard some good news?  Everyone has been so upbeat lately…Love it!

The Pub was purchased & we’re so happy to welcome everyone back to Jackfish Dundee’s! 

Thankfully, Greg decided not to reinvent the wheel and a lot around the pub has stayed exactly the same. (Whew…right?)

 Most of the Jackfish family has come back on board.  We even thought we had Chef Bernard back too, but he was offered ownership in Montreal to stay at the resort he  works at last minute.  They really wanted to keep him and we don’t blame them one bit.  Congratulations Bernard! We wish you the very best!

So, the changes…

 This past week we’ve had  the pleasure of meeting and welcoming Chef Audie Louie to Charlie Lake.  With him came Chef Antonio Serrano

Greg, Chef and I have been talking all week about menus, our peoples’ favorite things, the direction we want to go in, spring… patio, sunglasses, tiki torches…I digress.

We are moving onward with a new, expanded menu into spring.  We’ve been tasting some pretty amazing ideas brought forth by Chef and are hoping to share it all with you at our

Grand (Re) Opening March 3-4 Weekend

In the meantime we’ve planned to keep the menu items that you’ve all told us were your very favorites.

We’ve included Bud Light onto the tap line up and have added some selections to our cellar that will pair well with new menu options.

Very soon we’ll be celebrating Super Bowl and then Valentine’s Day. (Just you wait to see what Chef has in store for you that weekend!)

We’ll celebrate St. Patrick’s and we’ll celebrate Spring and we’ll celebrate all of your occasions too!  Isn’t that what life’s really about?


Find us at Mile 52 on the Alaska Highway. Remember to turn right off the highway at the first exit just as you are coming into the business area of Charlie Lake.

Phone: 250-785-3233

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Sunday 11:00am – 11:00pm

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Sunday 11:00am – 10:00pm